An unfocused entry

I am an awful awful bowler. Now, maybe I was just tired, or nervous, or maybe I was just having a massive fail due to using a ten pound ball, but I seriously bowled a 55 and then a 61, with long stretches of pitiful gutter in between…

Eastern State Penitentiary is great fun as a haunted house, which apparently everyone in the freaking tri-state area agrees with. I went there Thursday night with a couple friends, and for fuck’s sake, it was the longest line ever. You would think they were giving away the secret to eternal youth inside or something, we were in a line for a damn hour and a half. Was great fun though, and it’s a really cool old prison. Am highly glad that there didn’t tear it down to build a mall, or luxery apartments, like they wanted to do in the 80’s before Wilson Goode put a stop to it (hey, he had to do something good to make up for the whole bombing his own citizens thing).

The Phillies are just awesome. Case Closed. End of story. The Yankees will be a tough match-up, but hopefully good will prevail over evil. Another parade would be awesome. And this time I’d definitely take the day off work.

They have green pumpkins. I seriously had no idea of this. And security guards at the Oxford Valley Mall ride Segways. Like Paul Blart Mall cop (possibly the worst movie ever). Still, it means they deserve to be mocked now.

couple’s Retreat was not Vince Vaughn’s best work, but was still funny.

The Invention of Lying was a pretty good movie, and there an be advantages to a theater that smells like Barnyard Animals…..


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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