Baseball, and random musings, and more baseball

I swear these TBS announcers are the worst ever. Last night, as that game stretched into the wee hours of the morning (fuck you Bud Selig!!), I was highly tempted to throw a shoe at my TV, except it wasn’t MY TV, it was my friend’s TV, so that wouldn’t have gone over well. And, Brad Lidge nearly gave me a fucking heart attack, though he pulled it out. That same inning last year I wouldn’t have flinched, but to say my faith in Lidge is shaken may be the understatement of all time.

And we’re winning 2-0 right now *fingers crossed*.

And, I’m pretty sure I’m an unmitigated train wreck. I’ve been klutzy lately- even by my standards, and sleepy, and sneezy, and my filters are not what they should be, and I’m quite the danger to myself and others.  Like, literally, I’ve injured people lately.

And, I’m pretty sure things are going to end badly. And, I’m keeping things that cryptic, so I could be talking about my life, or the cesspool of despair that is the economy. I’m not talking about my Phillies though, I have some hope there, though that game last night had me nervous as all, and superstitious to boot.

And one of my stuffed monkeys lost his hat. And purple uniforms should not be allowed, though they aren’t as bad as he Seattle Seahawks uniforms- those are a crime against humanity.

And thank the Lord for long weekends, even if every night I was up till 5. I need to gain some self control, even if sometimes a lack of self control is more fun.

And, don’t mind my melancholy, because I’m sitting in my bedroom, and Victorino’s up to bat, and I’m swinging my rally towel (OK, not really, though I am glancing at it where he’s handing on my desk), and the Phillies will (I hope, and pray, without the slightest bit of jinxiness, win the game, and with it the series, and with it…who knows??) Go Phillies


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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