Smarter post-25??

Last year, right after my 25th birthday, I had a slightly older coworker tell me that the biggest difference in turning 25 was that you feel much sharper, much more on top of thing. Studies claim that the human brain is not fully formed until your 25th birthday.

I was reminded of this when one of my friends (who is 27), asked me “Haven’t you noticed how much smarter you feel, how stupid you were when you were younger?” My honest answer- not exactly. My life has been a not so funny comedy of errors since I turned 25. I feel like my life has become a bit of a clusterfuck, and that best case scenario- I’m not getting anywhere, and worse case scenario, I am actually defying laws of physics and somehow moving backward. I actually fear I may be getting dumber, or at the very least, more disorganized and cluttered, with age.

My friend thinks its situational, and that I blame myself, because I hate myself (sometimes), and that’s why I can’t see the obvious, biological improvement in my cognitive functioning. And yeah, I guess in some ways I’m smarter than when I was younger, but I don’t necessarily feel smarter than I did at 23 or 24.

I mean, yeah, when I was 18 I was stupid. Academic probation, questionable as hell decision making, just, all sorts of bad, stupid, things that I look back on and shake my head, and that I will not under any circumstances disclose publicly. So, yeah, I’m less likel to do things that are stupid, or dangerous. Yeah, I’m less likely to be blatantly irresponsible, or inconsiderate. Sort of. I did get two iPhones stolen this summer due to some level of irresponsibility, but…there are things that I have done, oh Lordy there are things that I have done, that I would not even consider doing now that I am a fully formed adult. But, these are things from at the most recent, four to five years ago.

Y’know, stupidly getting fired from temp jobs, of somehow being so sleep deprived that I routinely fell asleep in a 12:20 Psychology class freshman year. Dating people who I wouldn’t give the time of day now. Etc. But, how much of my slightly better decision making is caused just from the experience of how poorly all that shit went, and how much of it is caused by my improved brain??

So, I put forth the question- am I the oddball here? Does everyone else feel smarter post-25??


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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