Fuck Journey- seriously

If I could go back in time, guess what the first thing I would do is…..

I could kill the baby Hitler

I could play winning lottery numbers…

Invest a bunch of money in Google…

Beat the crap out of children who tormented me….

Tell my childhood self to just suck it up and be more normal…

But, instead of doing any of these worthy (OK, the beating up children thing is probably not worthy) things, you know what the first thing I would do if I could go back in time would be??

To kill the band Journey. To, in all seriousness, strangle the life out of them with my bare hands, before they could write that damn Don’t Stop Believing song. I HATE that song. With an unbridled passion. Fuck Journey, seriously. I am so sick of hearing that damn song every damn week, and damn it, I WILL in fact stop believing, just to fucking spite them, and every DJ/jukebox/drunken bar folk/mediocre cover band, who insist on sullying my ears, and ruining my damn night, by telling me to “hold on to this feeling”. Fuck this all, of all the things in human history, this is the most worthwhile thing I can think of. Preventing this Journey abomination from happening. And hey, maybe without that song, the ending of the last Soprano’s episode could have been less of a cop out? And then there wouldn’t have been that stupid Hillary Clinton campaign ad spoofing it…nothing good ever comes from Journey.

And, while we’re on the subject of inane 80’s songs- Jenny, really? The ho with her number on the wall is the girl for you?? Way to set the bar high dude. I don’t care how damn catchy the song was, the fact that everyone still knows this stupid-ass song 25 years later…it’s just stupid. God the 80’s were a dark time for music- the 90’s were WAY better. (and yes, I know there are exceptions, there was some good music in the 80’s, and some frightfully bad music in the 90’s, but when you take what are quintessentially 80’s songs, and put them up against representative 90’s songs- there is no comparison- the 80’s lose- bad!!!!)


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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