The Phanatic milks a cow

Last night was my..barring a miracle involving playoff tickets, last Phillies game of the year. And they lost 7-2. That said, I had a fun time, though it wasn’t destined to turn out that way.

First, we were late. Like, missed the first two innings late. This was entirely my fault for reasons I can’t get into, plus we stopped at Applebee’s first because I just couldn’t suffer the ballpark food. In hindsight, I would have just eaten at the park, I could have gotten crab fries or something.

We sit through the traffic, park in a spot that is barely still the stadium, and rush to our seats, in good old section 142. I love this section. If I got season tickets- they’d be in this section. The people there are hysterically funny, and the views are great. Plus it’s right by Ashburn Alley. The only downside of this section- not an easy view of the jumbo-tran- but I can live with that, especially if it means I get to hear gems about vaginal halitosis, and you gotta love heckling. Especially since the team didn’t bother to show up.

Though, the Phanatic showed up…and milked a cow. Or, two people dressed as a cow. Yeah…that was, as one of the funny people in our section said, ill-conceived.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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