of schemes and plots and iPhones

It seems that much of my life is plots, schemes, and lies. One day, I tried to count all the lies I  told in a day, from the mundane to the major. But, I got distracted, and the number would have been too high anyway. I wonder if other people’s lives are as filled with dishonesty as mine is.

I speak of plots, because earlier today I thought I had thought of a scheme to end my fruitless search for an iPhone. I was browsing around on the AT&T website, seeing that I was distressingly 47 text messages over my limit- which means at least a five dollar overage, because I doubt I’ll manage to go a whole week without any text messaging at all. Anyway, while there, I’m ogling the iPhones that I just can’t afford, when I have a flash of genius- what if I just added a line to my account to get the cheaper price??

Of course, when I first thought of this grand idea, I was thinking it would only cost ten bucks to add a line. Of course, it would be 20. Plus, all the extra iPhone plans costs, plus factor in my epic inability to actually stay within 200 text messages, and we have a $100 phone bill. Plus an extra phone line that I have absolutely no use for and will have to find a way to get rid of at some point.

So, I need advice, I need a scheme. What’s my best bet here??


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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