Stalking is not the way to my heart

I admit, I have a decent sized list of turn-offs, at times, I can be excessively picky. So, the list of ways to turn me off is fairly long. Today, I devote this blog entry to one of these major turn-offs, one of these ways to make me run away screaming. Thus follows-


Saturday night I was at a bar, that to protect the not so innocent shall remain nameless. I’m walking along, minding my own business, when suddenly, an arm goes up against the wall, blocking my path back to my table. I look, and the arm is attached to some pudgy middle-aged guy in a Phillies t-shirt. He finally moves his arm, and tries, via wild gestures, to get me to sit at the bar with him. I shake my head, and move along, and don’t think much of it. This hasn’t reached stalking level yet, just…I constantly have bad luck and get hit on by skeezy guys in bars luck.

Later in the evening, I get dragged onto the dance floor to watch the band. Now, I’m mostly just standing there, because, I don’t dance. I’m uncoordinated, so beyond bopping silently to myself when no one is looking, you won’t catch me dancing. Anyway, pudgy guy is on the floor, and motions for me to dance. I say no. He asks again. And again. And AGAIN. AND AGAIN. He just wouldn’t quit it. At one point he asked my friend “what was wrong with me.” Grrr. And even after asking my friend this, he asked me to dance a few more times- he just would not leave me alone. Seriously Megan’s Law dude- no means fucking no.

Eventually I fled the floor, and him, but be warned, stalking me will not gain my affection. Pressuring me just makes me feel suffocated, it doesn’t make me want you. I like boundaries, and I like my space, I don’t like to feel like my wishes are just being ignored. So, if you are going to be a clingy, sloppy, stalker, please, leave me alone. You need not apply.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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