apathy and iPhones

So, the aforementioned iPhone of my last blog entry? I finally heard back from the seller today, and apparantly there was some sort of mistake- and it had already been sold. Now, I’m just waiting on a refund. And an iPhone.

So, in the last few days, on the heels of my deadbeat of a father friending me on facebook, both my “stepmother” and “brother” have friend requested me. Of course, I didn’t know who the hell they were, so I sent them both messages to affirm their identity. The “brother” responded first- that day, saying he wanted to get to know me and my sister. I didn’t respond, I was still trying to soul search, figure out what I wanted to do. The next day, less than 24 hours later, he sent a second, impatient message, saying how badly he wants to get to know me. I  don’t like pressure. I don’t like being pestering me. And, I’m fairly attached to boundaries. So, someone I’ve never met, who can’t comprehend why this may be hard for me, and therefore tries to bully me into accepting the friend request, isn’t gaining any kewl points from me. And, I just spelled cool “kewl”. There’s a random Selkow flashback.

Moving on…When I woke up today, the stepmother sent me a message, and, she attached a picture of my “sister”, and I looked at it, and I don’t doubt she’s my sister, and I keep putting it in quotes, I know, because, well, I don’t exactly think of these total strangers as my family.

And, it’s sensory overload. I’m tempted to just ignore it all, and hide. I just don’t feel like dealing with this. And, at this point, I’m feeling fairly apathetic about the whole thing. I just want it to go away. And, I want my iPhone. And…whatever. I’m too apathetic to come up with a third want.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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