Booing Brad Lidge

Apathetic. Agonizing. Going crazy. And this is just what life does to me anymore. My coping skills have gone to shit. My writing skills have gone to shit. And, it feels like things are spiraling, out of my grasp, out of my control, and I want to go back. In time, in a machine, or a DeLorean, space-time continuum be damned, and make different choices, and do different things.

And, Brad Lidge gave me heart attacks, and Madson looked great, but I dunno, I still kinda miss Lidge. I’m too loyal I guess, but I just keep picturing that last out, and the arms going skyward as he drops to his knees. And, he shouldn’t be closing right now, but I couldn’t boo Brad Lidge. He won us a damn world series last year!! And, despite all the blown saves…the image that I see when I hear his name is that one, that last pitch, that last out, the giant pile, the broken curse. And sixty years from now, that video of that out will still give me chills. And, that was a drastic change in tone, but as I sat here on my laptop, whining yet again, I was watching the Phils game and..Madson came in to close it, and, somehow it just made me very sad. I dunno, I mean, Lidge wasn’t pitching well, I get it, it was the right call, but…it still made me sad. He still threw that last pitch, and now he’s getting booed. It’s a shame.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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