Just gray

I don’t know why I bother with eBay, I always get outbid, and the prices are ridiculous. Never mind the whole me almost buying a fake Chinese iPhone thing. I clearly have bad iPhone luck.

I have been cranky, bitchy, and damn near antisocial the last few days. And, I’ve been clashing with people I really care about in ways that I can’t possibly get into, but I’ve just been…difficult, and cranky, and self-deprecating to the point where those around me probably want me dead.

And, Montgomery Township by the mall depresses me. It’s all strip malls, and big box stores, and parking lots, and identical housing developments. It’s…bleak, and depressing. And there are no sidewalks, and everything is so far away from each other. And, it’s not like I inherently dislike the suburbs, Jenkintown doesn’t depress me, Abington and Glenside, and even large swatches of Bucks County don’t depress me, but the way Montgomeryville has built up is just…bleak. And the parking lots are not proportional, and even in the same strip mall things are crazy far apart. And, the houses are big, but they don’t even look all that nice, and the developments are just blah. And, I shouldn’t pick, since I live someplace obviously shitty, but I was up there today and it just hit me how ugly the view out the car window is. How positively, gray, like the parking lot and the sides of the houses and the shut down Circuit City and the unnecessarily huge parking lot outside the American Furniture store. And, even down the road, where the Target is, is the most fucked up strip mall ever, you seriously have to drive to get from the Giant at the bottom to the Target at the top, and maybe there’s some topographical reason they had to build that way, but since everything up there is like that it’s like whoever designed the town has a fetish for parking lot. And, I’m not opposed to parking, the lack of parking in the city is a giant pain in the ass. But, other towns have parking lots and it’s not like…that’s all there is. The parking lots at the Willow Grove Mall, and the strip malls up there, don’t seem inherently too large for the size of the mall, and you wouldn’t feel the need to move your car to get from one end to the other. It’s just…there’s no personality there, and it’s not even like it’s glittering and pretty to make up for it. It’s just…gray.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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