adventures in craigslist

So, as everyone within shouting/whining distance of me knows, I had two iPhones stolen in a month. And, I’ve been in quite the depressed funk over the whole thing honestly. But, regardless, I solider on. And, one of the ways I solider on is by going to great lengths to try to replace it, without paying AT&T $400. And that brings me to that great darkened alleyway of the Internet- craigslist.

Ah, craigslist. Where accidentally clicking on casual encounters gets you a page full of disembodied penises…seriously, what women are answering these ads? Oh, look, I’m horny, I think I’m going to go have sex with this headless penis?? What the hell? Moving on…

So, I’ve been endlessly scouring craiglist, looking for reasonably priced iPhones. I’ve even put out ads claiming I want one, to see if I get any offers. Well, today, I got three responses. Two were asking me if my iPhone was still available for sale *bangs head against desk repeatedly*. The third was offering me a too good to be true offer for a 3gs for $250. When I responded for more information, I eventually discovered he’s in Europe and wants me to wire him the money. *grabs a gun*. I’m so sick of scammers, and idiots, and people clearly out to rip me off. I will not pay $100 dollars for an iPhone 2g with a busted screen. Do I look like an idiot??

Oh, wait, I forgot, I got a few other responses too. All linking me to spammy websites where you can get a “free” iPhone- in pink. Um, the iPhone doesn’t come in pink- scam!! I’ve seen a few reasonably priced 3g iPhones, but my responses never get answered. And the prices on eBay tend to be unreasonable, tho I did just now put in a bid for a 2g, so we’ll see what happens.

I’m just sick of craigslist, and eBay, and foreigners trying to take my money. It’s such a dark, sketchy world, trying to find an iPhone. But, hey, it could be worse…I could be one of those loser guys posting a detached penis….


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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