baseball in the rain

Some things are best done in the mud, and in the rain. Sliding down a muddy hill, maybe. Or a totally epic and memorable game of football. Football, football is meant for fog, and mud, and snow. Baseball, not so much..

That said, baseball in the rain, that can be kinda cool too. Last night I headed down to the ballpark to see the Phillies take on the Braves. And for a bunch of reasons I can’t get into, we got down to the game much later than planned, after 7:30. As we approached the stadium it had started to rain, and when we got down there they were in a rain delay. We got our tickets punched (is that like a rainy day thing?), got our free hats, and fought through the giant mass of humanity clogging up the concourse to get to our seats, which were quite good. It continued to rain for awhile, and it when it stopped, they cleared the field. And ten it started again. We got a full 2/3 of an inning before they called it again. More time sitting in the rain commenced before the game finally started back up.

It was an exciting game, Ryan Howard hit two home runs, Moyer pitched well in relief (I missed Martinez entirely), and Ryan Madson nearly gave us all a heart attack. Ryan Lidge looked…well, like himself. Like 2008 himself, not the migraine inducing 2009 version. And, I got some chicken tenders and fries, and the chicken tenders there ain’t bad, tho the fries were plain. Today was the one day where there was no line and I could have gotten crab fries, but I didn’t even think about it because there is ALWAYS a line.

And, for much of the rest of the game it started raining again, but they just played thru it, and we just sat through it, and it was exhausting, and kinda miserable, and my hair was a hot mess…but it was kinda cool. I dunno, baseball in the rain, it’s different than it is in the sun. It’s like being under assault or something, it’s interesting. And, definitely a decent way to spend a Friday night- especially when it’s a win.

Oh, and I totally forgot- it was 70’s night!! Bad disco music, girls dancing way too enthusiastically, and silly pictures of current Phils dressed like it’s the 70’s. Kinda amusing, actually, if cheesy. And, the Phanatic danced with his wife…so cute. Ok, that’s it.


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