I’m not angry, I’m just sayin..

There’s an Eagles game tonight, and I’m not watching it. And, the NAACP wanted to protest outside- in favor of Michael Vick!! How the hell is this a racial issue?? The animals rights people don’t hate Vick because he’s black, they hate him because he brutally tortured animals and shows minimal remorse for it. Feel free to disagree, but it certainly isn’t a racial issue, really NAACP, is there nothing better for you to do? If this is the biggest issue facing black people, maybe you’ve outlived your usefulness…

Tomorrow is a Phillies game- yay! Hope it doesn’t get rained out- it’s 70’s night, which just sounds comically awesome!!

I really wish Willow Grove Park was still an amusement park. Nothing against the mall there, it’s an alright mall, but it’d be cool if there was a roller-coaster twenty minute away. And, it’d be interesting to see how things looked back then. To see how the Olive Garden was actually a trolley stop, and just to see how different things looked back then. I love old pictures, I’m damn near obsessed, I just think it’s so interesting to look at the way things were vs. the way things are. It just fascinates me, so when I need to waste time, I go on random Google searches of such things. And, today I landed on Willow Grove Park, a mall I’ve grown up going to, but that seems strangely inferior to the place that used to house John Phillip Sousa, and wooden roller-coasters, and it’s just all so interesting. Like, apparently the Kmart on the Blvd used to be a small amusement park, and the car dealership next door used to be a pool complex. And, I just wonder what things were like back then. And I acknowledge that I probably wouldn’t have been allowed in the pool, but still. It’s just so….distant, but yet present. It just fascinates me. Hell, the fact that the subway stations have been around since 1928 fascinate me. History is just awesome, and Philly is a good city for it.

And, that was quite a tangent. But, hey, better than self-involved, self-important whining. Seriously, I’ve sickened myself lately, but I’m going to try to get better. Or at the very least, direct the anger outward towards Michael Vick…


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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