hot hot hot

It is seriously too hot to live. I’m slowly melting as we speak.  And no, I am not the wicked witch. Then at least I’d have nifty powers. And I’m still royally pissed at the bastard who took my iPhone. Royally pissed. And my internet connection is sucking right now. And I’m allowing myself to get into arguments about Michael Vick again. I don’t know why I fucking bother, but when someone says they support him and that he did nothing wrong at all, it makes me question shit, heavily. And the world is a cold, cruel place. And, if you know me, you may become fodder for my blog, might as well warn you now. And, I’ve been too apathetic to do laundry, but no worries, my underwear is still clean. And no one has….and that would be way tmi. I need to de-stress, I need to chill out. And, I need my laptop to stop making my legs fall asleep- I know, I know, just because it’s called a laptop doesn’t mean it belongs in your lap. And I’m too sweaty to finish this…


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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