Run Bitch Run!!!

So, my original blog plan for tonight was to mock Manyunk, after all, I hung out there tonight, and the place is ripe for mockery. But then, but then, came the ride home. And suddenly drunken yuppies and former frat boys became WAY less interesting.

I spent my night at the Brewery, and after things let out around quarter to 2 I headed home. To get to what is my home from Manyunk, one must drive through Germantown. Usually not too arduous a task, but they are doing are sorts of random roadwork on Germantown Ave. (none of which seems to involve taking up the wretched trolley tracks for the long dead trolley), causing us to have to take a detour- the detour from hell!

There was the disturbing amount of ghetto foot traffic. There was the barber shop, curiously open at 2am (clearly a front for something). There were the women dressed like hookers, but who I don’t think were, I think sadly that’s just the style now. There was the air of terror and desperation. There were the cops blocking the road, and, this probably takes the cake, the car blasting “Run Bitch Run” over and over again, like some sort of warning, being driven by a woman old enough to know better. It was hel, and almost made you understand why some people are racist.

But it was also really fucking amusing….


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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