As long as he dons Eagles green- I won’t

It’s never exactly been easy being an Eagles fan. My whole life, “It’s not easy being green” could have been their organizational motto. But, despite it all, despite all the disappointments, and pompous declarations, and seasons punted and coached away, I’ve remained a fan. I may have booed, I may have been angry, but the Eagles were forever my team.

But, some boundaries can’t be crossed. And some things can’t be forgiven. And when I heard the news the first thing I did was turn off the damn preseason game. And, this is stupid, but I almost wanted to cry. And, I can’t watch as this is analyzed from a football perspective.

Though, seriously, from a football perspective..this is still a dumb as fuck move. Vick sucks, he always has. He’s always been wildly overrated. He’s a freaking option QB, and that was before he had the time off.

But, the football side of this isn’t why I’m upset. If it was just a bad football decision, I could forgive it. I’d grumble, and shake my fist in anger, but I’d forgive. But, this is unforgivable. This is signing a psychopath who sees a furry, defenseless creature and thinks- “Let me electrocute them, let me drown them, let me torture them because it gets my rocks off.” And the Eagles look at this piece of shit and see someone they should sign?!?!

Fuck them. As long as he wears the Eagles green- I won’t. As long as he is on this team, I won’t cheer, I will only boo. I will route for them to lose every fucking game, and then maybe they will realize the karmic payback for doing this.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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