Everybody hits- woohoo!

Last night at the ballpark they dedicated a plaque on the wall of fame to Harry Kalas with a very touching ceremony. And of course it was the one game I didn’t bring my camera to. And I can’t muster any energy to write this for some reason.

Anyway. I hadn’t really set out to buy tickets to the Harry Kalas memorial game, I had bought these tickets months ago. Just lucky I guess. Well, except for the fact Joe Blanton was pitching. Anyway, we had great  seats- row 5, section 142, right on the aisle. It was fun section, filled with rowdy hecklers.

The game got off to an inauspicious start. Unsurprisingly I guess, since Blanton was pitching. Tho, he really wasn’t that bad. And #8 in right field got heckled all night. And, our offense didn’t hit at all, which is ironic, since the one guy behind us had this chant going all night

“Him- Everybody hits
Us- woohoo
Him- everybody hits
Us- woohoo
Him- everybody hits
Us- woohoo
Him- At sweiker BMW.”

Yeah, it’s that random shit that makes me love Phillies games, lol. That said, everyone didn’t hit, though there was a birthday, and a proposal. God, I hate Jumbotran proposals. I LOVE baseball, so in theory it could not be cliche with me, and I would still say no just to see what happened. And because it’s so..generic by being fake creative. Either be generic and just do the down on one knee thing, or be truly creative. Not on the freaking jumbotran. Seriously people, keep your happy to yourself, lol.


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