my 25th year in review

August- I seriously don’t remember what I did for my 25th birthday. It must not have been terribly eventful. I think there was a staff meeting that day, free food maybe? But I don’t remember shit else.

The next week things picked up, I got my best birthday gift, a totally awesome Philly Phanatic doll from the Build-a-Phanatic shop at the ballpark.

September- Uh, uh, don’t remember, and I’m not cheating by seeing if there are any blogs from that month. There was a Selkow show in Bordentown, I bought a cool Flyers postcard, had the worst Chinese food ever, and it poured and poured.

October- went to my very first haunted house at Shadybrook farms, went to a pumpkin patch, went on a hayride, hung out by a bonfire. And yes, I’m a giant fucking dork, but I totally enjoyed it. Also met Mark (well, I had met him like seven years before, but that doesn’t count), who is now, kind of an awesome friend.  Went to the see the Pirates exhibit at The Franklin Institute- yay pirates! Got cute pirate based souvenirs. World fucking champions!!!!!

November- bought a laptop (which I am using to type this entry), Thanksgiving was typically non-memorable.

December- had to send the laptop in because of a faulty DVD drive. Went to New York!! Saw the lights in Rockafeller Center, totally embarrassed myself attempting to ice skating, and totally freezed my ass off. Drank whiskey on a NJ Transit train. Good times. Went to see the light show again at Wanamaker’s (ok, I know, it’s actually Macy’s). Christmas- I don’t remember. New Year’s Eve was spent lounging around with a friend drinking whiskey. Not exciting, but still fun.

January- Simply don’t remember anything interesting

February- Valentine’s Day is the suck. Went to a weird country western bar. Bought a digital camera! Saw Selkow play in the wretched town of Hoboken.

March- St. Patty’s Day Parade! Zoo with baby titi monkeys!!!!!

April- Don’t much remember April Fool’s Day.

May- Saw Offspring live in concert- woohoo!

June- Went to Hershey Park- had a blast. Went to Dorney Park- had my iPhone stolen. When things really started to go downhill.

July- was excited when I bought my new iPhone. That was short lived. Saw fireworks at the Phillies game- which they won! Went to Wildwood, always a good time. Got mugged of my iPhone on the el- less of a good time. Went to Six Flags- Selkow was awesome, but only got on three rides. Shit has gone downhill


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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