An attempt at a “nice” entry

So, I am under strict orders from a certain musician who shall remain nameless to be nice in this blog entry. So, to that end, there will be no…

bitching, moaning, whining, crying, weeping, insulting, or complaining. For my blog, especially lately, this will be a MAJOR accomplishment. So, here goes it, a bitch free entry.

So, as many of you may know (because I have SO many readers who pay such close attention to my life), today was my birthday. I turned 26. And, I wasn’t thrilled about it. That said, me and my best friend set off.

First, we went and got dinner at chili’s, because they had a 3 for 20 deal going on. Awesome! After dinner the plan was to stop by my friend’s apartment before heading up to Princeton. But, for reasons I don’t fully understand, he couldn’t get in. Our bad luck once again reaffirmed (how much we will not get into, I’m not bitching in this entry remember), we hit the walmart right quick (their idea of a quick…and there’s the fucking bitching again, it’s like an uncontrollable urge with me or something). Anyway, after that we headed right to Princeton. As right to as you can head to anyplace that’s an hour away.

We parked in the very reasonable lot, and then fumbled our way (I miss my…*deleted due to bitching*) . Anyway, we found our way to the site of this week’s show- Triumph Brewing Company. We had been to the Triumph in New Hope, but this was our first stop at the one in Princeton. Anyway, it was a nice place, and the band put on a fantastic show- no lie. And, birthday wishes, they’re were birthday wishes. Good times.
And now I shall go pass out


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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