It is like an oven in this bedroom.
And nothing at all good happened today, which I realized when someone asked me.
And everytime I see someone on the bus or the subway with an iPhone I want to warn them to put it away in case someone takes it.
And everything is going to shit all at once.
And god I’m sweaty.
And I keep thinking I should’ve chased after the damn mugger.
And I ate too much today, my stomach is killing me
And I can’t get comfortable on SEPTA anymore
And I’m watching a Martin Lawrence movie
And this laptop is burning my legs
And I’m about to run around naked (not really)
And I have a ticket to Dorney Park I need to get rid of
And a cat, a totally free, very sweet cat
And I really miss my iPhone 😦
And it’s only Tuesday
And this fan isn’t cutting it
And I need to jump in a pool to cool off, but I don’t have one
And I want violent, probably illegal revenge against the mugger
And I saw a story today about a woman eating her baby’s brain
And the world is fucked up and scary- isn’t it?


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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