more flags…more fun? I dunno about that.

I don’t know why I keep blogging at 3am. It’s not that I’m not tired, I guess it’s that I just don’t really want to go to sleep. The time to think depresses me now. And that was before apple sent me an email, telling me how to get the best out of my iPhone :(. It’s like Apple is taunting me from all the way in Cupertino. Bastards.

But, my constant melancholy and depression about my stolen iPhone, currently being pawed by some degenerate, is not what this entry is about. What is it about then? Why, Six Flags of course.

Ok,so the of course is just silly. Why was I at Six Flags on a Saturday- particularly a Saturday during which I was especially depressed? Well, the honest answer is I had already bought the ticket, half price since Selkow was playing and got a group rate.  So, despite my general cranky disposition anymore, me and my friends decided to spend a Saturday in Jackson, NJ

The day got started much later than it should have (indirectly related to the whole mugging thing from Thursday), so my friend didn’t pick me up till noon, and we didn’t make it to the park until 2:30, causing our day to get off to an inauspicious start.

We went looking for food, and settled on seven dollar pizza (per slice), masquerading at Papa John’s. After a mediocre on a good day lunch that between the two of us came to over 40 dollars, we headed over to where Selkow was playing. We basically were aimless for an hour until the band started, and Selkow put on a great show! But, I was cranky. By the end of the show it was 6pm and we had yet to get on one way. The stage was near “Bizarro” aka Medusa masquerading as a “new roller coaster”, but the line was heinous and so we turned around and decided to try something esle.

We went to Skull Mountain (ok, lame I admit, but it’s a fun 30 seconds), and after much wandering (Six Flags is possibly the most poorly laid out, sensory overloaded, epileptic seizure inducing park), so getting anywhere proved to be a chore. We found our way to Rolling Thunder, which due to my non-sexual rollercoaster fetish, I decided to get on, alone as it turns out because my friend doesn’t do wooden roller coasters. The line was midleading long, for what turned out to be an excessively lame version of a coaster at Hershey Park. The trains were poorly timed, the attendant was annoyingly chatty, and after a rather short and mediocre ride, we waited on the track off the platform for 5 mintuies before we could go. This lame ride seriously had a 45 mintuie wait time!!

By the time I finally stumbled off the ride, it was after 8pm, and though I desperately wanted to check out El Toro, because I made the mistake of going on the lame culture, the now over an hour wait didn’t seem worth it.

So, wander around we did, but the only other ride I got on was some lame kiddy ride that took an inconcieable amount of time, primarily due to chronic staffing shortage (a problem they always had that seemed to be made worse by bankruptcy).  We walked around some more, but it was almost 9pm, and a fairly lost cause, so we headed towards the door, walking through gift shops, me thoroughly disappointed.

Now that it’s over I can say I had a decent time, but after  the week I’ve had, hell, after the month I’ve had, I guess I was hoping for more than three rides. I guess I was hoping to have my troubles chased away by roller coasters. And that didn’t happen.

Selkow played great though, and broke out a new song and new covers I hadn’t heard before. And, I had a decent time hanging out, I just…am falling asleep halfway through this. And I don’t know what my thought was anyway.   Maybe a question as to whether or not what happened to me Thursday was a mugging, I need to create a poll….


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