In lieu of coherance- I bring you rambling

I have no energy to blog lately. And, there’s stuff to write about- what happened at Dorney Park, Michael Jackson, tons of interesting stuff in the news. It’s not that my life isn’t interesting, I just can’t get my head out of this fog and write anything, I feel out of sorts and out of it, and just off.  Like my brain isn’t acting the right way. And my iPhone and all my stuff got stolen, and I got a new iPhone, and it’s great, but I’m not sleeping enough, and I can’t sleep straight. My iPhone is littered with unfinished blogs I just haven’t had the energy to write. And, I’ve been flying off the handle at people, and getting too emotional, and just stressed out. And, maybe it’s because my stuff got stolen, and my office flooded, and I ate too many chicken wings for dinner, but still, it used to be writing would make me feel better about that stuff, and now it’s not, now I can’t get the words out, I can’t finish a thought, I can’t finish a sentence, I just sleepwalk through my day until I find something to look forward to. And there’s this adorable stray cat, and I really did eat too much chicken, and I’m going to a Phils game tomorrow- and fireworks- yay, and still, I can’t wake up. I just can’t shake my head and shake it off, instead I ramble, and I cry for no good reason (at least not a good enough reason), and I descent into madness, and I’m not even eloquent to document it properly. And maybe I just need to get more sleep. I dunno, but something’s gotta change.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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