Lists- the refuge of a truly lazy writer

5 good things about my day at Hershey Park

1. Wooden roller coasters
2.  Water slides
3. I got a cute pair of shoes for nine bucks at the outlet mall
4. Tidal Force
5. Yummy pizza

5 bad things about my day at Hershey Park

1. Though I officially used sunscreen, I was characteristically lax
about it, so my back got a little bit burnt

2. They got rid of canyon river rapids and replaced it with a mediocre
lazy river and a wave pool, which as a concept I think is overrated

3. We didn’t know they had gotten rid of the above mentioned ride, so
we wandered the whole park looking for it lol

4. Hershey Park is awesome, but very sprawling, more time is spent
wandered from ride to ride (especially since every ride has a really
long queue area to wander through even when there is no line). At
least I walked off the pizza.

5. We got a little lost coming back


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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