Trenton- where even the cops are afraid

Last night as we were driving through Trenton to go to the Art All Night Festival, we drove by a Trenton Police Officer, driving by in a patrol car. It was still daylight, and nothing particularly sketchy, at least by Trenton standards, but this cop looked fucking petrified. Like, white dude lost in Compton scared. Or, for that matter, like ME lost in Compton scared. Anyway, it says something about the quality of the police force there that just doing their job fucking terrifies them.

Anyway, to the festival. We arrived there just as Selkow was sound checking. It was miraculously not raining, though during their set it started too, so we had to crowd under a tiny little tent. Selkow put on a great show, and Matt sang lead on a cover song which was really new and cool.

After the set I wandered around a bit in search of a bathroom (I do not do Port-a-johns) and looked at some artwork, though I acknowledge only out of the corner of my eye. We chatted some, Ben (the lead singer), bought me and my friend beers, which was cool, although I hate beer so I only sipped mine and let my friend finish it. Or, made my friend finish it? Please, like I need to make Lee finish a PBR. Another band came on who I don’t at all remember, and a crazy skinhead danced. I do have a video of this if anyone wants to see. And, he may not have been a skinhead, he may have just been bald, just to be fair.

After the show we came back and hit Applebee’s. And watched Fired Up again, which is a surprisingly funny movie. Good times.


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