20 loves about Philadelphia

Because I feel like it, and because I like lists- so follows my top 20 loves about Philadelphia. Much thanks to Mark for helping me with this list…

1.Soft pretzels

2.That rapist getting beaten up, and instead of getting arrested the
vigilantes got an award. I can’t officially condone that behavior,
but it still warms my cold little heart

3. Tastycakes (obviously)

4. Wawa

5. Citizens bank park and the world fucking champion phillies

6. The fact that we booed our champs on opening day (this could easily go in the bad column)

7. Our former mayor and current governor led an infamous snowball

8. Old city (not the bars, the historic parts)

9. Franklin institute

10. The mutter museum

11. The random history that’s everywhere

12. High priced restaurants I will never actually go to

13. Rita’s water ice

14. Here rocky is like a real person

15. home of the  worst (best) fans anywhere in the country

16. only city in the world to need a judge in the basement of the
stadium (E-A-G-L-E-S)!!

17. home of  2 of the 3 deadliest intersections in America

18. cheesesteaks (I don’t actually eat them but they are still awesome and fundamentally Philly)

19. We have people here who randomly post hysterical shit in the


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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