my clumsy idol

In 1992, a 79 year old woman spilled mcdonalds coffee on her lap and burned herself. She sued mcdonalds, and was awarded over 2 million dollars (tho this award was later lowered).’s_Restaurants This case is frequently cited as an example of our overly litigious society, of lawyers gone mad.

I have a different take on this case however. Essentially this woman won six figures for being clumsy while trying to sugar her coffee. She was able to make clumsy=$$$. SHE IS MY IDOL!!!

I am probably the clumsiest person you know. You may not know that yet, but trust me on this one. I drop things- all the time. I trip on curbs, I walk into doors, I once knocked my friends porch door clear off it’s hinges because I didn’t realize I had to open the door before walking thru it. I once walked into a window at the hot topic in the willow grove mall- my klutziness knows no bounds.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to convert my lack of basic human coordination to any sort of cash settlement. I’m not greedy, just enough money to pay off my student loans- and maybe take some yoga courses to improve my balance which I clearly need.

Maybe I could slip and fall, or spill something on myself, or record some epic klutziness and post it on the Internet. Something to make my klutziness work for me instead of against me. Suggestions and ideas are appreciated.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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