Recap for lack of anything better

I’m not sure what I want to write about right now. My last entry, I had the idea for that entry days before, I had even started jotting it out on my iPhone before I wrote it here, but today I have no such days old inspiration to work with. So, instead I’m working from scratch, which is probably not a good thing.

Hmm, what to write about?? Last night a friend and I rented Paul Blart Mall Cop, and it was God-awful. I had expected it to be stupid, but I at least hoped for funny. Instead it was more…awkward than anything, just ugh. Was a struggle to get through. I also for the first time ever tried those Toscani pastas  from Pizza Hut, and they were actually really good, especially the Meaty Mariana, though the mac and cheese was fairly mediocre. We also got some cheese sticks that were tasty, and some boneless wings that were surprisingly good. Considering I’ve always hated their pizza, the fact that I liked their sides so much was rather shocking, though I had heard good things about the pasta.

Friday night went to Havana, this overpriced place in New Hope. I had an alright time, though I’ve determined that crowded dance floors give me epilepsy. And some chick twisted her ankle so New Hope PD (who just amuse me) came to take her out in an ambulance. I didn’t think a twisted ankle usually necessitated an ambulance, but the girl seemed to whining a lot.

Tuesday through Thursday were not terribly eventful..

Monday I met a friend who lives in Roxbourough by Manyunk train station so we could hang out on Main Street. Manyunk is expensive, and the bars are frequently populated by preppy guys with baseball hats, but it’s still a really nice area to walk around, and we got a fairly inexpensive dinner at Le Bus. Along with a super yummy brownie dessert! The clothing stores around there are crazy expensive though, it was over 100 bucks for a green, not even nice hoodie!!?!?! Still good times though!!

So, my lack of inspiration led to a recap of my week, don’t know if anyone will find that interesting…


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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