The more you suffer, the more is shows you really care..right?

I saw my favorite band of all time play on Sunday, and it was a good show, and I’m still struggling as to how to start this. I swear my writing just sucks anymore.

Anyway, Sunday was a chilly chilly day, leading me to believe that God doesn’t like me, or at the very least dislikes WMMR. Last year when I went to the MMRBQ it rained and poured, and we were in the lawn, and we almost got hypothermia. Fun! Though Staind did put on a great show.

This year, having learned from my soggy experience last year, I decided to get actual seats, especially since they cost the same price as the lawn.

Before the show we decided to get some lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse, where I had eaten once before. This place has some of the worst reviews on the internet, but I really like the place. It has cheesy decorations, old pictures (it’s almost disturbing how similar the intersection of 10th and Spring Garden looked 90 years ago), good service, and fairly decent food.

After lunch we headed to Penns Landing ($17 for parking- yowch), ran into an Israeli Independence Day celebration (which was interesting), and then caught the Riverlink Ferry over to the Tweeter (aka the Susquehanna Bank Center). We got there around 3:30 so we missed the first band, but I fortunately didn’t care.

We found our seats (or what we thought were our seats, it turns out we were in the wrong section) and saw the second band, Duff somebody, which weren’t bad. Third band was Saliva, who put on a great show, though I was upset they didn’t play Rest In Pieces.

Fourth band was Puddle of Mudd, who started off off-key as hell. I didn’t even recognize Control at first. He got better, but their set choices were questionable, and they broke up She Hates For Me with covers, it was just rather lame. Next was Papa Roach, though not before we had to do the end of general admission craziness where everyone had to leave and come back. Which is when we found out our seats were wrong, but the actual seats were just as good, except for the smelly fat guy. Papa Roach put on a good set, though I didn’t recognize some of their music, and they aren’t necessarily one of my favorites. Plus, the lead singer was kind of a deviant, underwear sniffers creep me out. Musically they were good though.

Before Papa Roach I made the mistake of hitting up the concessions- $8.50 for two old chicken tenders and flavorless fries.

After Papa Roach was the band that  I was there to see, my favorite band since 10th grade, The Offspring. Dexter Holland played the piano on Gone Away, and they played Come Out and Play, and Self Esteem, and the stage work was very cool, and it was just an awesome show, and I’m glad to have seen it. So glad I bought a 25 dollar t-shirt to commemorate. Good times.


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2 Responses to The more you suffer, the more is shows you really care..right?

  1. ZZ says:

    Way to not mention ZZ TOP

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