I’m not the one you sweep off her feet, lead her up the stairwell

Some girls drive men crazy….

Some girls make men fall head over heels for them…

Some girls are the stuff of songs and poems….

Some girls make men behave like asses trying to gain their love…

Some girls get flowers and candy…

Some girls seem to have the world wrapped around their finger..

I’m not one of those girls. I’m low maintenance to my own detriment, I am the girl you like but don’t love. I’m not the forever girl, I’m the for now girl. And, heck, I’m good at it. But, for whatever reason, I don’t drive men crazy, I don’t make them fall for me, I don’t make them love me. I’m just not that girl. I’m….a placeholder. I’m the girl you date because I’m fun enough, pretty enough, likable enough, but not the girl you actually want. I keep the bed warm for the girl you do.

And, this isn’t written for anyone, or in response to anything. I was just riding the subway home, and it hit me, that some woman have this…thing, this aura, this, I don’t know, I can’t define it, I can’t describe it, I can only say that I am decidedly lacking it. And, I guess it’s not that important. I’m sure someone will settle for me eventually, get comfortable enough with me and get tired of looking for the girl they actually want. But, it’d just be nice if someone fell for me every now and again. If someone couldn’t get me off their brain, if someone would do something stupid, and romantic, and borderline insane, to gain my love. And, I know I don’t require that, but, it’d still be nice if someone did it anyway, if someone felt it anyway.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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