Bleeding orange and black….or not

When I was 13, hockey was my absolute favorite sport. I also loved baseball back then, but the phillies were awful. Scott Rolen and Curt Schilling were the only bright spots awful, big celebration because they played well enough in the second half to avoid 100 loss infamy awful. Just awful. The eagles varied from terrible to okay, but the parade of bobby hoying and ty detmer and Ray Rhodes were just dreadfully forgettable. And the sixers, they were pre Allen Iverson Larry Brown and I think even Pat Croce.
But the flyers, the flyers were my salvation. They had their issues, they couldn’t settle on a goaltender, lindros was a whiny baby, but I LOVED that team. I could name every player top to bottom, and I actually cried when they were swept by Detroit.
I admit the current team I wasn’t so emotionally invested in, I just never got attached the same way. They’ll never make me cry, and I certainly don’t love them. Especially not after the disinterested way they sleepwalked through the last two months of the season. When you show up for your last game, needing only one point to get home ice and you show up catatonic, it makes you hard to love. When you don’t show up for game 1, when even after losing game 4 you talk about how great you are, when you blow a 3-0 lead in game six at home, when you only play well long enough for me to care about you, that makes you impossible to fucking love.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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