Ineloquent tribute to Harry the K

Earlier this week summer officially died. I could make that, mourning over Harry Kalas, into a whole blog entry, but I don’t have anything to say that others have not already said more eloquently than I am able, so I’ll leave it at that. Or not.

Phillies games will never be the same. My one friend remarked it was like our childhood dying, because our whole lives, he’s been there. The voice that has defined the summer, even non-baseball fans know that voice. And they don’t make voices like that anymore, has anyone else noticed that? Put on a national game, you get some pompous windbag trying too hard, some perfectly competent announcer yakking about stats, but not that voice. That voice whose world series call puts chills up your spine everytime you hear it. They just don’t make that anymore. It’s all generic, it’s all…..soulless. And Harry Kalas had soul, and without him..I don’t know. The whole city’s soul just died a little I think, and baseball will absolutely never be the same.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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