Friday night beliefs

I believe…

That there is a God, but he’s asleep at the wheel sometimes….

That the day cookies and cream ice cream/milkshakes were invented was not one of those days….

That the Phillies will repeat as World Series Champions!!!

That life is basically just an accumulation of memories, and that much of it is just mundane shit that sucks and is totally unmemorable, but if you can get enough good memories, you’re doing okay..

That the songs that I loved when I was 16 I will forever know every lyric to

That as much as I love Kurt Cobain, if he had lived there’s a decent chance he would’ve mellowed out and therefore started sucking…

That Courtney Love probably killed him….

That the fact that I am updating by blog on a Friday night is a troubling social sign..

That the Eagles management are fucking assholes

That I have a vaguely addictive personality, so it’s good I’ve never done any real drugs…

That I’ll die alone…

And the other half of the time I don’t believe that…

That I’m great, and funny, and smart, and interesting….

That I’m boring, and uninteresting, and annoying, and neurotic, and my ass is too big…

That I may be crazy…

That deadbeat dads can burn in hell…

That the Octomom is a crazy leech, but I question the sanity of the family with the eighteen kids too..

That I’m terrified to have kids, because I’ll screw them up, or they’ll be weird and no one will like them….

That this has gone too long…..

That I’m a comment whore….

That I hate the new facebook layout, but then I’ll get used to it, just in time for them to change it again…

That I watch the news too much, and it probably depresses me….

That I’m not as complicated, or as simple, as I’d like to be…..

That people who live places where they don’t have Tastycakes don’t know what they are missing….

That is a simply awesome site….

That I’m a geek, and kinda proud of that…..

That I want something truly insightful to end this on, but I don’t have it


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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2 Responses to Friday night beliefs

  1. me says:

    i believe you’re fantastic!

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