You don’t know why I’ll probably be, by myself for eternity

I’m tired of being nice to people. I know you’re probably thinking- she really isn’t that nice. But, I really can be way too nice. I sometimes let people just flat run rough shot over me. And, I’m terrible at rejecting people.. There’s this guy. I hooked up with him once, over six years ago. I don’t think anything went offensively wrong, but I wasn’t exactly wowed, and then I got a boyfriend, and that should’ve been the end of him. But, instead, he will periodically bug me, waiting for the spaces when I’m single. So, now, as you know, I’ve been single for awhile, and I had just been too nice to flat reject him. I figured my indifference would make the point. But, it hadn’t. So, he imms me when I sign on today, and I’m just sick of it. When he asks me when am I coming over his place, I say no idea. He tells me to come over soon, and that’s it. I’m tired of even pretending to be nice. I tell him that I don’t want to, and that I never gave the indication that I did. He disagrees, so I harshly rebuke him, and he’s upset that I’m so mean. I back off, apologize for being so harsh, but clearly explain that sometimes I’m just too nice to reject people. So, he pesters me further. “Are you dating anybody?” “So why can’t we hook up?” As if just because I’m single I’m under some obligation to hook up with this loser. And, I HATE when people won’t take fucking no for an answer. I tell him no, and he whines we’d have fun. I tell him no, and he continues to needle, “why are you talking to me then?” I tell him I’m too nice to block him, and he says, “Then be nice and hook up with me.” I say no, and he sends a few messages, before sending a frown, as if that will warm my heart. And I’m just sick of it. Guys either show too much persistance or none at all. It seems half the time that the only guys who see through my walls are fucking rodent bottom feeders. I hooked up with this guy once, forever and ever ago. I was still a teenager for Christsake. What type of loser can’t just accept no and move on. It’s fucking frustrating. Especially since this is the majority of the male attention I get. Fucking pesty perverts. And people wonder why half the time I think I’m going to die alone. It’s because being alone is better than being with some loser who can’t take no for an answer. I’d rather be alone than annoyed, even though I don’t really want to be alone.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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