Damn Christmas loving slackers

Decisions decisions. Do I want to blog about what is truly wrong with star wars, or do I want to blog about my day today?? I think my day today, while it’s fresh, and new, and exciting, or…not at all, but regardless, the many flaws in Star Wars aren’t going anywhere, and can provide fodder for an entry when I have a strange desire to write but nothing at all to write about.

So, less than two weeks after doing the whole New York Christmas thing, I decided to partake in some wholesome holiday fun and do the Philly thing. I met my friend at the Cheltenham Mall and after things took much longer than they should have (me=slow), causing our other friend to have to wait much longer than he should have, we made our way via the always exciting orange line down to 8th and Market. (Part of my slowness also involved me leaving my phone in the car, which I NEVER do, as anyone who has seen the extent of my iPhone addiction should be well aware).

So, we made it to the Gallery, and called our friend, whose phone kept going to voicemail. So, we get the grand idea to to try to go to security and have him paged. Yeah, they don’t have an overhead pager there, so unless he was a “tender aged child”, paging wasn’t gonna happen. So, we decide to continue to look for him, and quite fortunately end up finding him. We wander the gallery some, I succumbed to my addiction to Chick Fil A milkshakes, and then we headed over to the used-to-be-Wanamaker’s Macy’s.

We met up with some more friends, and took in the light show, which was cute, but WAY too crowded (damn Christmas loving slackers waiting till the last weekend), and then stood in a totally ungodly line to see The Christmas Carol, which was cute, but some of those puppets totally look like they are going to come to life and menace us all. And what the hell is with the puppet being boiled to death?!?!? Traumatic anyone???

Overall though, it was quite the fun day! And my one favorite thing about Christmas- time off from work.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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