Trenton wrongs my soul

Tonight I’ve been constantly putting synapses at the end of sentences, so bare with me….

Tonight was another Selkow show, the first full band, plugged-in Selkow show I’ve been to since September. And, as usual with any of my stories that occur in New Jersey, getting there was half the battle.

Route 1 was uneventful, aside from the Deathmobile’s occasional rattling. And, I hate the Route 1 bridge, wtf are they doing to that bridge that hasn’t allowed it to be finished in all these years?!?! Moving on. Anyway, the problem came, unsurprisingly, after we had crossed the river. Both the GPS and the Mapquest directions directed us to take Route 1 to Route 29. It seems on paper harmless enough.

Until we entered the heart of Trenton, which is clearly where dreams go to die. It was dim, and desolate, except for the roving gangs of certainly unemployed, probably criminal, souls who omniously roamed the darkened streets. We felt pretty certain we were going to die. Or at least lose the car.

Once we crossed into Ewing, aside from the rather omnious sign of two liquor stores directly across the street from each other (all we needed was a gun store to complete the Dave Chapelle skit), things considerably calmed, though the fact that the venue was smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood was a tad off-putting.

Once we got there it was good times though. The place was kinda divey, but the food was decent and affordable, the bathrooms seemed clean enough, and despite 75% of the band being under the weather, they put on a fantastic show. Almost made the near death experiance worth it. Needless to say- we took I-95 back, but that won’t stop Trenton from wounding my soul, and haunting my dreams.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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