I’m an Eagles fan

And this is why it sucks. Because they play cruel games with your heart. Because they suck all season, and you’ve written them off, but then through sheer luck, they make the playoffs, and you still keep a safe distance. But then they beat the giants, and they’re favored, and you think it’s safe. So you go all in. And then they come out sucking. And you’ve angrily written off the game, only continuing to watch the slow march towards death out of a masochistic sense of loyalty. Then they score 19 straight, and yeah, that missed extra point is a bad omen, but they’re ahead, and there’s hope, and the defense has come up big all year. But not tonight. Tonight they choke, they give it up. And the eagles lose- again. And you vow to not give a shit, but you know you will. It’s a curse of being born in a specific zip code, and you are hopeless against it. It’s in your blood, like mispronouncing wooter or a love for tastycakes. But it still sucks.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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