I won’t be held responsible- she fell in love in the first place

I really fucking hate Valentine’s Day. I could go into why, but I don’t particularly feel like it. My hatred of the day should’ve made the movie I went to see last night- My Bloody Valentine, an inspired choice. However…

I should preface this by saying that my best friend who I went with, LOVED this movie. So, maybe it was just me. Maybe my eyesight is just too bad to truly appreciate 3D glasses. Maybe I was just tired, or cranky, and I didn’t give the movie a fair shake. Or maybe I just don’t have the depth of soul necessary to enjoy a slasher movie. Maybe.

Not that the movie was awful, but, I was just…bored. Not that there wasn’t plenty of mindless slaughter, but it started too soon, and was almost too constant. I became disinterested, and desensitized. And, it wasn’t scary. Maybe the problem is I don’t like slasher flicks, I like scary movies.

And, the 3D. It led to some interesting effects, but it mostly made me sleepy because of the glasses. My friend insists this is going to be the wave of the future, but I think it’s a gimmick to make up for lazy storytelling. We shall see.

I just, I actually dosed off. During massive carnage, I dosed off. Not a sign of a good movie. But….maybe it’s just me.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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