An interstate metaphor

Imagine that New Jersey for some reason decides that Pennsylvania has no right to exist (too many jokes at their expense maybe), so they have lots of anti-PA rhetoric, and start sending terrorists across the river to blow up innocent civilians and kidnap people. We in PA get sick of this, so we shut down crossing the river, which causes the New Jerseyites some discomfort and pain. They claim they are starving because they can’t get food, but somehow rockets still get in. Everyday they shoot these rockets across the river, and they don’t necessary kill all that many people, but they are a major pain in the ass. So, eventually we in PA get sick of it, say fuck this shit, and start bombing the crap out of the state. Civilians and children die, it’s very tragic, but NJ still refuses to take any responsibility for their plight. They want the bombing to stop, the river to reopen, before they will even discuss stopping the rockets. It’s a shit situation, but would we really think PA was being unreasonable??

It’s a tortured metaphor, the US and  Mexico would probably  be a better one. Especially since we do have land that used  to be Mexico’s that we won in a war, and since starting a war and then losing means you don’t deserve to lose any land or suffer any consequences (not that I’m certain that Mexico started that war, but you see what I’m saying). Anyway, if Mexico or Canada was shooting rockets at us, there’s no way we would expect that shit to stand. Neither should Israel.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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