Today was much less awesome than yesterday

Sometimes I fall into linguistic ruts. Yesterday, for instance, I kept using the word awesome. Just, everything was awesome, the tree was awesome, getting un-lost (seriously, every time I go to NJ it never fails….), everything was just awesome, I must’ve sounded like an idiot. So, what was so…grrr. awesome yesterday???

Well, I woke up at an absolutely ungodly hour on a Sunday to go to New York for the first time in over six years with a group of very cool people. We drove up to Hamilton, overpaid for parking (fucking Jersey), and caught a 9:35 train to NY’s Penn Station.

At Penn Station we took in the sights, and me and my one friend almost went into the men’s room…yeah, I know, but what can I say, I was fucking sleep deprived. After Penn Station we checked out this ice skating rink in Central Park. I’m an awful ice skater. I’m not saying that to be modest, I had ice skated once before twelve years ago and it didn’t go well. But, I succumbed to peer pressure and strapped on some skates. Now, when I say my skating was comically bad, I am not exaggerating. My first time around the rink I would not let go of the wall. The next couple times around my awesome friend helped me out, and I did become slightly less incompetent, but I still would not let go. I could go on some metaphor, about an inability to let go in my daily life, but this is long-winded enough already. Anyway, I didn’t let go, but I did become slightly less embarrassing. Go my friend!

After ice skating we headed to a bodega and got some refreshments, and then headed over to the East Village for lunch at this restaurant the one  among us who had lived in New York had heard was good. Of course, we got distracted on the way there by a sports bar that had the Eagles game on. Shockingly we were winning, so we of course headed in, watched the game, got some nachos, and sang the Eagles fight song as we kick that whiny Eli Manning’s butt. I hate the Manning brothers. Moving along…

After the game we headed over to the restaurant, but there was a 45 minute wait, so instead we wandered around till we found another fairly nice bar with reasonable prices. I had some yummy BBQ wings that I unsurprisingly pigged out on. 7A it was called, and it was nice place, if with odd musical choices. Playing a whole Blink 182 album (though I like them), is a little bit weird for that type of place. Anyway, after dinner, we headed in the now bitter cold to the subway yet again to get back to Rockefeller Center. It was quite a site. I’ve never seen so many freaking sketch artists in one place, and there were people everywhere. The tree was beautiful, and it was..a word that isn’t awesome. Fun, great, stupendous, fantastic, delightful, amazing..whatever. It was very cool, and pictures are forthcoming. We then headed to Times Square, which was, bright. Almost sensory overload bright. And there was a three floor store devoted to m&m’s, and of course, billboards everywhere. It was exceptionally modern, but yet somehow, dated. Hyper real, as they would have said in soc class back in college.

And, I liked New York, and it was a good time, and a very cool city, but…my one friend, when commenting that New York was prettier than Philly, also commented on not really seeing any historical stuff. Now, obviously, there’s history all over New York. And neighborhoods, and real people. But, you can’t see it when you go there. In Philly in almost any part of town (assuming there’s no bullets whizzing by your head), the history just screams from the whole city’s pore, but the unavoidable founder of our state on the top of City Hall, to Ben Franklin everywhere. And, you don’t get that with New York, because it’s just so damn bright. It’s constant flashing light, so you almost, can’t see the history, and can’t see yourself. You can’t see what’s real beneath all the flashing lights, and all the glamor, and all the Village edginess. You don’t see the real people, even though you know they are there. You can’t see anything, except a giant Billboard and flashing lights. But, it’s not real. And, I wonder what things will look like in 200 years. When you look at pictures of Philly from 100 years ago, it looks so…different. Even thirty years ago, the skyline was different. And..what will things look like then? And, in NY, where history is everywhere but invisible, what will be left of today?

Oh, and P.S., we got lost in Jersey again…no street signs?? Why, why why???


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