Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

Previously I have always used generic finger nail polish remover, but I received these remover pads as a free sample in order to review them, and I must say, they work perfectly. They work so much better than normal polish. They are more expedient and easier. My only complaint would be that these pads are very expensive,  I would like to receive coupons for them. But I can definitely recommend this product, however, I must say that in my experience, one pad did not last for all 10 nails. It lasted for about six and then I had to open another pad and use about half of that second pad. Even though I received this product for free, all opinions are my own.

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Overly invested in the lives of fictional characters


So, tonight I feel like I’ve been through the emotional wringer. All over people that don’t exist, and events that didn’t happen. I should’ve seen this coming. I had already spoiled myself about poor, adorable, lovesick Will’s demise, and had therefore put off watching last week’s episode of the Good Wife as a result. So, of course, after I am all keyed up over a crackpot internet theory becoming reality at the end of How I Met Your Mother (and me somehow liking it anyway), I somehow thought it would be a good idea to put myself through Will being killed. By fucking Silas. I knew I never liked that boy. So, after feeling oddly warm and happy, Ted holding up a blue horn outside Robin’s dog-filled window after the loss of his adorable wife, worked for me. Even though I always hated the theory, somehow the execution worked for me. It spoke of second chances, or something. And as Robin said in one episode, regarding Barney I think, timing is everything. I got so sick of him pining after her, but I dunno. I guess because season 1 was so great, I’m a sucker for that blue horn. And that does settle the unsettling question of why he spent so much damn time talking about Robin, and about why the whole story started with her. Also- bonus, no one turned up as a lumber jack. So, there’s that.

But, the Good Wife. I know Josh Charles wanted to do other things, and that’s fine and everything, but seriously, you couldn’t just throw him in jail or put him a coma or something? I knew it was coming and I was still devastated. And then previews, the fucking previews. Peter is such an ass, I hope he goes back to jail. Like, I’m sorry, once you lay with whores you should feel grateful that Alicia even looks at your trifling ass. And I thought Mr. Big was kind of an asshole, but at least Carrie totally deserved it, because Carrie sucks as a person. And even Mr Big never called Carrie a selfish bitch, and she actually WAS a selfish bitch.

I watch too much TV. Repeat with me, Will Gardner and Alicia Florrick are not real people. Their happiness doesn’t matter. Deep breaths. No, Not working. And one episode after an episode filled with Will making adorable love eyes at Alicia. Fucking cruel writers. Will was at his most adorable, and now he’s dead.

And it’s late. Sleep, should be a good thing. Sigh. At least I still have Cary right? He’s adorable…that’s something. But Will and Alicia! And Will and Diane! And Will and yoga bitch. Wait, not that last one. Yoga bitch sucks.

You know, this is the writers fault for making characters I care about. Literally the entire cast of Glee could die (not in real life, but on the show) and I would laugh my ass off.

But not Will!!! Oh well, at least I have that blue horn. And angry internet people, so that’s something. And at least I have the Eagles great receiving core…oh wait.

Oh well. Well, farewell to Will Gardner, Alicia should’ve chose you. And farewell to How I Met Your Mother. You went pretty downhill there, but you ended well, and those first few seasons are some of my favorite things. The crazy/hot scale, the blue horn, and nothing good happening after 2am will live on forever, on netflix and on dvd and in syndication. Oh, and fake Moby, that guy is crazy.

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Android vs iOS

So, I’ve been using iPhones since 2008, and have had an android tablet since Thursday, so it’s totally fair to compare them at this point. My new tablet is a samsung galaxy tab 3 running jelly bean, android 4.2. My current, beloved iPhone is an iPhone 5, running 7.1. First impression pros and cons

Android pros (so far)
1. Super customizable
2. Widgets!
3. Crazy taxi!! I was so sad when Dave and busters got rid of that game
4. Micro SD slot. I have no use for this on the tablet yet, but if I had one on my iPhone it would be a lifesaver.
5. The ability to auto- shut off data if it reaches a certain level. Again, don’t need this on my phone due to my unlimited plan, but it’s fucking brilliant.

Android cons
1. Less intuitive than iOS, tho I have been using iPhones for 6 years so that probably isn’t fair
2. Filled with AT&T bloatware
3. I don’t like autocorrect function as much
4. I actually have to pay attention to what I download due to the openness of the App Store.

So, overall I’m happy with the android tablet, but when it’s time to upgrade my phone? It’s going to be iPhone all the way!

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Country fried questions

1.What is with the constant random USA chanting? I love America too, but it’s stupid and bizarre! And seems kinda defensive and aggressive, or something
2. This chanting is especially egregious if you are holding or wearing a traitorous flag. In New Jersey. Armed insurrection against America is SO patriotic.
3. Tho there were some seriously unattractive girls and a few attractive guys, the average attractiveness of the women far outweighed the scruffy, beer bullied, tooth missing, boxer exposing excuses for men clogging up the place
4. About the boxer thing- when the fuck did that happen? When did rednecks start emulating hoodrats who are emulating prisoners? Your boxers aren’t sexy, pull your damn pants up. Seriously, the few attractive guys there had their boxers exposed, so I couldn’t even ogle without getting aggravated and planning a killing spree!
5. Speaking of killing, who the fuck randomly drops skanky ass miller lite on a random girls head. Seriously, dude who did that, I hope you die. In a stupid, family shaming way. Like you try to fuck a horse and it kills you, or you decide to drive a tractor drunk and fall off and get your skull caught in the blades.
6. $18 for whiskey?!?! $14 for fucking skanky Seagrams?!? A whole bottle of that swill is $10!?!? And I wouldn’t drink it for free! Even by stadium concession standards that’s some bullshit there.
7. Why do so many smokers not bring their own cigarettes into the concert? They just go around pitifully begging strangers. Free tip- if you are addicted to tobacco, and are going to be trapped outdoors for hours, bring your own damn cigarettes!  Or at least go mooch from people actually smoking, don’t bug me while I’m trying to enjoy the concert or take a picture. If you are going to be an addict, be a prepared addict!!

Despite all of the above, I actually had a fairly awesome time. Just..pull up your pants people!



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Apathy is underrated

Apathy is an underrated human emotion. As much as apathy gets a bum rap, the truth is- most things, and especially most people, are not worth caring about, or knowing about, or getting to know. And occasionally some horrible, or some great, story will stun me into giving a shit. A baby shot in the head, a girl shot in the head (I swear that’s a coincidence) being able to get out of the hospital, go to school, fight another day. Its awesome that people do that, it is. But, most people aren’t awesome fighters, most people…just are. They aren’t even necessary evil, they are just boring. Really boring. Amorphous blobs. And maybe they have thoughts, and dreams, and wishes, but its impossible for me to care. I can’t do the small talk, the inane chit-chat. I don’t feel like keeping up an aol conversation, Unless you’ve made it onto the list of people I give a shit about, and even then- my energy and patience aren’t what they once were. And the world really is an awful, terrible, place. And, I find, there is still stuff I enjoy. Just less of it. I really do like just walking around by myself. I like walking through a park. I like taking pictures. Baby and kitten pictures make me go aww. But, a decent % of that aww is just an understanding that that thing is cute. Like, its cute, I like looking at cute things. But, its hardly deep within my soul. And, I do want Alicia to end up with Will on the Good Wife. I really enjoyed my starbucks double chocolately chip drink. Sometimes its easier to care about fake people then real ones. I like walking around downtown, but the city is still filled with shitty people. Most cities are. Most suburbs are, most rural areas are, most small towns are. And, this probably seems like a return to the angsty blogs of yesteryear. But, this isn’t. For one, it’ll probably be the last I write for awhile again. Not that I don’t do stuff. Watch the news, watch the games. But I don’t have enough thoughts to string together to make a point. Not a point that someone else didn’t already make anyway. There’s very little new in this world. And I do care about what happens- its intellectually interesting. But, things are kinda more interesting than people. And though feelings are a necessary part of the human condition, most people aren’t really worth having them for. So, its apathy for me. I think I made the right call.

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It’s been two weeks since I arrived at the hospital for my surgery. Two weeks since I’ve gone anywhere, two weeks since I’ve been outside except leaving the hospital. Two weeks of Internet, and movies. And catching up on Hulu (at least until ifixandrepair turned my laptop orange). Two weeks of catching up on my DVR. Two weeks of Facebook, and Instagram. Two weeks of napping in the middle of the day, of being fucking tired all the time. Two weeks of being trapped.

But, I’m more trapped than just the lack of fresh air. Even when I can go out…and frankly maybe I could go out now, but I can’t drive, I can’t septa, and I get so fucking tired right away I’m afraid of over-exertion. Even circling a mall I’m afraid I’d really just end up sitting on a bench. And malls don’t really help with the fresh air thing. But, I’m trapped anyway. Trapped in a dead-end part-time job. Trapped in a world of stupid, trapped in cages of my own making. Trapped with way too much time to think.

And I ❤ my iPhone, but I’m bored with Simpsons:tapped out. And I have other games- good ones! Bejeweled and sonic and monopoly and Oregon trail. No Mario tho, fucking travesty at that. And I have a shiny new camera, but nothing worth taking pictures of. And it’ll all be over soon enough. I’ll go out, take pictures, breathe fresh air.

But in the meantime, the prison powder builds. And if it was nice maybe id go for a walk. But not in this 20 degree weather where it hurts to shiver. I’m not putting on layers just to circle the block.

So, I’ll sit here, and watch a movie. Stare at my phone, worry over my laptop.

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If there is one word I could use to describe 2012, both personally, and across the world, it would be- broken. Everything is just breaking and broken, and going to shit. I’ll start with the personal stuff, because it isn’t 2012 if there’s no internet narcissism.

Things in my life that have broken this year:
1. My body. This year seems to be the year when my body decided to aggressively show his age. And then some. And I wrote an whole elaborate fucking thing here and the WordPress iPhone app fucking ate it. Anyway, suffice to say my health fucking sucks. I had a year filled with petty health complaints, my foot, my chest, my sneezing, culminating with an ER visit, related to a health problem that I was diagnosed with in March. We took a wait and see approach. That was clearly wrong. The ER visit cemented an already worsening health problem, a need for invasive major surgery, and forced a cancellation/postponement (hopefully) of the Israel trip that I won last year. And 2013 will start with said major surgery. Awesome.
2. My job. Made me part-time. Kept my insurance, but fucking still.
3. Electronics. My Zune got a smashed/cracked screen, somehow. Dropped my brand new iPhone 5. Video cable and battery dying on my laptop. Camera won’t take pictures outdoors anymore. Washes them all out. Which I discovered less than two weeks before the mummers parade. Perfect.

Things in the world that are broken this year
1. Our political system. We spent 2 billion dollars on the election. Congress is totally pointless. They can’t pass anything, but they can tack Alaskan pork onto a bill for hurricane sandy relief. Seriously, all 535 members of the house and senate can go fuck themselves. Never mind this whole self-imposed, kick the can fiscal cliff crisis we are dealing with now. At least the “when there’s a legitimate rape, the woman’s body has ways to shut that whole thing down” guy lost.
2. Syria. Nuff said. If you don’t know what’s going on there, shame on you. I point you to CNN or google.
3. Mass shootings. Culminating in a guy shooting 20 first graders. After several other shootings this year alone
4. Generalized fuckedupedness. The guy who shot at firefighters because “killing is what I’m good at”. The woman in Indian gang raped with an iron rod until she died. The increasingly disturbing stories that seem to be endless and increasing.
5. Phillys escalating murder rate.
6. Generalized world going to shit. See Syria above. See Israel and Hamas coming to blows. See Iran getting closer to a nuclear weapon. See the Egyptian president thinking we can control YouTube, and then trying to make himself dictator. See Benghazi. See the Taliban declaring a fatwas on a 14 year old because she dared to want to go to school.

So, basically, everything sucks. The world is fucked, as am I! Happy stinking new year everyone!

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